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22 Easy Curb Appeal Updates for 2022

It can be easy to neglect your home’s curb appeal, especially after living there for a while. Whether you’re looking to settle into your home even more in 2022, or trying to increase your home’s value to put it on the market, there are tons of simple updates you can make to boost the impression your home makes on passersby over the course of 2022.


Here are 22 simple and easy ways you can quickly spice up your home’s curb appeal:


#1 – Paint the Front Door

A simple fresh coat of paint on your front door can work wonders to make your home look fresher and more well-maintained. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint close to the existing color or a brand new paint finish with a pop of color, a newly painted front door can make your home look more inviting.


#2 – Hang a Wreath

They’re not just something to decorate with around the holidays! Hang a seasonal wreath on or beside your front door to add some color and fun to your home. Wreaths are also fairly inexpensive, so get creative with different ones for different seasons without breaking the bank!


#3 – Add to your Porch

A boring or untidy porch can make your home seem uninviting and bleak. If your home has a large porch, consider adding a porch swing or porch patio set. Not only will this add to the curb appeal of your home, but you’ll also enjoy additional outdoor living space when the weather is nice.


#4 – Restore the Driveway

Is your driveway looking faded from the sun or just very old? Repairing and sealing cracks in the driveway or having a fresh seal layer laid down can help your home look much more polished.


#5 – New Mailbox

If your current mailbox is in great shape but looking worn down, adding a fresh coat of paint in a bright color or a clean neutral can make your home pop! Older mailboxes that are beyond repair should be replaced.


#6 – Outdoor Rugs

 Add a pop of color by replacing your front porch mat with more vibrant, colorful rugs. Have a porch seating area? Add a fun patterned rug underneath the seating around to help restore your home’s curb appeal. 


#7 – Redesign House Lighting

Placing intentional lighting on and around your home is one of the most impactful ways to make a statement. Uplighting, porch lights, and even flood lights are all aspects of your lighting scheme that can quickly improve your home’s curb appeal.


#8 – Bin Cleaning

Are your trash bins or recycle bins gross? Even if they aren’t smelly during the cold weather months, they can harbor tons of harmful, disease-causing germs and bacteria. Call in the experts to sanitize and disinfect your trash bins and protect your family and your neighbors! 


#9 – Flower Pots

 This simple fix can add color to your front porch. Pick up some flower pots to go on each side of the entry of your front door. Fresh florals offer a welcoming and inviting feeling when entering your home.


#10 – Keep your Lawn Maintained

Overgrown, burnt, or dead grass is one major way to make your home seem dilapidated. Keep up with your lawn and landscaping, including edging your flower beds, paths, and driveway. 


#11 – Paint, Shutters, & Trim

Much like front doors, shutters often fade over the years in the sun. Add a pop of color to make your home stand out from other homes on the block.


#12 – New House Numbers

Are your house numbers difficult to see from the street or not well-lit at night? A quick trip to a home improvement store for some new house numbers and spot lighting can jazz up your curb appeal (And make life easier for your pizza delivery guy!) 


#13 – Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can make your home’s surfaces look brand new again. Over time, build up like dirt and staining can seriously ruin the look of your home. Trust the pressure washing experts to blast away grime on siding, concrete, brick, and other outdoor surfaces. 


#14 – New Mulch

As the spring season approaches, new mulch can tidy up the appearance of your landscaping and garden, as well as help prevent weed growth. 


#15 – Organize

Clutter such as kids toys, bikes, and other items left around the front and perimeter of the home, can make the home feel busy and unkempt. Utilize storage space in a garage or storage shed to contain the chaos while still being practical for you and your family. 


#16 – Decor

Outdoor decor can bring life to the front of your home. Try hanging a fun wind chime or a colorful bird house to make your home unique.


#17 – Plant a Tree

Not only is planting a tree a great way to help your home’s curb appeal, it’s a great way to give back to the environment. Not to mention, a small, fast-growing tree can also help increase your home’s property value.


#18 – Add Shutters

If your home does not already have shutters, adding some can help give it a complete and homey feeling. Shutters, especially vinyl shutters, can be quite affordable to add to your home.


#19 -Landscaping Rocks

Adding some rocks to the landscaping and walkway in front of your home is a fun idea to fill in any sparse areas. They can also serve as physical barriers between different types of plants or flower beds. 


#20 – Garage Doors

Homes with front-facing garage doors are often defined by the appeal of the garage. Small updates to your garage door, whether it’s a coat of paint or simply new hardware, can quickly freshen up the front of your house.


#21 -Pathway Lighting

If your home has a long pathway leading up to the front door, simply adding some pathway lighting can make it feel luxurious when nighttime hits. Pathway lighting is generally inexpensive at most home improvement stores and can be installed in a jif!


#22 – Redo Pillows and Linens

For rocking chairs or front porch furniture, replacing the seat cushions and throw pillows upgrades the impression your home makes immediately! Old cushions and linens can look extremely weathered over time, and replacing them easily brings life back into the space. 


No matter what your budget or schedule looks like in 2022, you’re sure to find a few of these easy home updates that can easily upgrade the curb appeal of your home. You’ll fall in love with your home all over again. Not sure where to start? United Bin Cleaning offers bin cleaning and exterior services to give your home the boost it deserves. Learn more at www.unitedbincleaning.com