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Can I change or cancel my service at any time?

Of course you can! Just contact us through our website or over the phone and we’ll take care of you.

Why are “open top” trucks illegal?

The fact is, they’re not safe for the environment. Open top trucks are just that – open top. That means waste water can – and often does – splash uncontrolled from the truck. The result is a liquid biohazard that is unsafe for anyone who comes in contact with it.

How do you dispose of waste water?

We only use EPA approved facilities and before our waste water is emptied, it’s filtered 17 times while it’s on the truck. The result is water that is safe to be returned to the environment.

How often should you clean your bins? We recommend at least monthly, but with summer heat and humidity more frequent cleanings may be needed. We have plans that should meet your needs exactly.

Can you clean dumpsters?

We can clean just about anything that holds trash and recycling. Best of all, we can make your containers cleaner than anyone in the business.

How long does cleaning take?

Literally seconds. The filthiest cans take up to 30 seconds. Moderately soiled cans – and cans we’ve cleaned before – can be cleaned in less than 10 seconds. Our technicians service the outside of your bins as well and they’re typically finished in 5 minutes or less.

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