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Pressure Washing for Seasonal Allergies

Time to celebrate the return of spring! Unless of course you suffer from seasonal allergies caused by all of that pollen floating around on the wind, in which case you might dread this time of year. However, did you know there are solutions besides expensive medicine or moving to a pollen-free area?


Pollen – From Trees To You

Many plants use some kind of pollen to spread their species, but pollen-spreading trees tend to be the worst for people due to the amount and because tree pollen floats so well on the wind from high up. The biggest allergen offenders tend to be Birch, Elm, Juniper, Mulberry, Oak, Palm and Pine trees. Those who live around a large number of these have probably noticed the way branches release whole clouds of the stuff from even the slightest impact or wind.


With all of that pollen floating around, the obvious thing to do is keep doors and windows closed whenever possible. Unfortunately the issue won’t be solved with just that. The pollen then settles onto walkways, porches, streets and driveways. People and pets walking around pick up the pollen on their shoes and feet, which ends up inside our closed houses and affecting us.


Pollen causes a lot of trouble besides the commonly known allergy responses like congestion, runny noses or watering eyes. Some people suffer headaches caused by pollen, while people with asthma tend to have a harder time than normal too.


Power Washing That Pollen

Some pollen getting inside is unavoidable due to air flow whenever you open the door. But one great way to reduce the pollen count indoors is to regularly wash off the outside of your house. Cleaning every day would be about as useful as closing the door faster, yet once a week or every other week helps more by washing away layers across many days or the piles that gather in corners.


Of course pollen lands on other places that don’t get a lot of foot traffic, but power washing your roof and the sides of a house can also help by getting pollen down a drain or into the dirt. Cleaning pollen off windows also helps in that regard, as well as making your windows clean and clear again to bring in more light. Remember that most surfaces can be washed by adjusting the pressure and angle.


Other Benefits Of Washing

There are many reasons to spring clean the exterior of your home besides reducing the impact of allergies. Consider all of the ways power washing could help protect and beautify your home.


Pollen on the ground tends to look like mold or dirt, and power washing removes it along with the actual mold, mildew and animal waste filling every crevice. That increases curb appeal should you be planning to sell your home, and fights against mold infections and diseases.


A buildup of pollen on your concrete or paved walkways can make them slippery, just like with algae, moss and mold. Power washing, especially with chemicals to prevent regrowth, will keep your paths safe and clean.


Professional Power Washing

When power washing, the first thing to do is clean and prepare the area. If you’re using any chemicals in your cleaning, you should lightly water and then cover plants in the splash zone. Placing small bags over ground-level lights helps protect them, as does covering exterior outlets with tape.


A deep cleaning job with a power washer can take a lot of your time, so consider hiring a professional service to do the work for you. United Bin Cleaning offers several plans for exterior cleaning services in and around Atlanta GA. That includes different temperatures and levels of pressure for siding or paths, windows and even roof cleaning. Our Clean Club gives you priority scheduling, deals on services and follow-ups. Contact us to learn what else we offer!