Sanitize - Deodorize - Disinfect

It’s the best clean in the business guaranteed

Our process is simple because our cleaning technology is amazing!

Step One:
Leave your bins at the curb.

If your trash and recycling pickup is before 1:00 pm, we'll clean your bins the same day. If your pickup is after 1:00 pm, we'll clean your bins the following morning.

Step Two:
We inspect your bins for anything that shouldn’t be there.

If there’s any refuse left over from trash pick-up, we bag it before we start our cleaning process.

Step Three:
We provide chemical-free, high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning.

Your bins are hydraulically lifted and placed over our high-pressure, high-temperature washing system and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Step Four:
Bins receive a final inspection and a final deodorizing.

Our technicians spray natural “lemon-fresh” deodorizer inside your bins and sanitize the outside of the bins.

Step Five:
We leave an easy to remove tag on your bins so you know they’re United Bin Cleaning clean.

No stickers or adhesive, we let you know your bins are clean without leaving you something else you have to clean.

When you do great work, people say great things!

What happens to the waste water?

Our advanced filtration system involves 17 separate steps. We remove everything down to 5 microns – which is about the size of a red blood cell. Not just dirt – we remove cooking oil, phosphates and literally anything that would make waste water unsafe for the environment.

All waste is completely contained on our trucks and disposed of in EPA approved facilities.

Watch our filters in action!

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We do the dirty work!

There’s clean and then there’s United clean

We provide a high-pressure, high-temperature clean.

No chemicals that can harm the environment – even “environmentally-friendly” products aren’t really friendly compared to United.

We hold waste water in enclosed tanks.

“Open Top” trucks aren’t just dangerous to the environment, in many communities they’re not even legal.

We filter wastewater 17 times on the truck.

Our goal is to make sure that every drop of water that we return to the environment is truly safe for the environment.

We take clean to an all-new level!