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What's Growing in Your Trash Bins?

It’s no secret that your trash bins are filthy. Dark, moist areas are where germs and mold thrive – areas like your trash or recycling bin! While the scent of dirty bins can be unpleasant, the real enemy is the types of pests, germs, and toxins that gross trash bins expose you and your family to. 


If it isn’t already a priority in your household, cleaning the bottom of your trash bins should absolutely become a part of your home maintenance routine, particularly in the warmer weather months. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some of the nasty guests that can sprout in your trash bins if you don’t clean them out. 


Bacteria grows extremely rapidly. It isn’t just gross, it can be harmful and disease-causing if left unchecked. Some people like to wait until the bacteria causes a sour smell in their trash bins to clean them out, but bacteria can double every four to twenty minutes. If this spread continues for a long period of time, it can become dangerous. Diseases such as Salmonella, and E. Coli are spread through bacteria. However, a simple routine of bringing in a cleaning team to sanitize your trash bins every few weeks protects your family from having to worry about high levels of bacteria.


Mold is another issue that can be caused by a failure to keep your trash bins clean. Mold in particular likes warm, moist environments, which allows it to thrive in a grimey trash or recycling bin in the warmer, wetter weather.  Additionally, mold can cause several health problems if inhaled. It attacks the lungs, causing irritation and infections. More sensitive populations such as elderly folks and young children will be at a higher risk of falling ill due to the effects of mold. All of this is easily avoided with intentional care of your home’s trash bins. 

Flu And The Common Cold

Viruses can live longer on surfaces that aren’t the human body. The types of surfaces found in your trash bin can be a homestead for the viruses that cause the flu and the common cold. Coming into contact with the trash from an uncleaned bin, could be one of the reasons you find yourself or your loved ones all stuffed up or running a fever.


An unclean trash bin is a haven for all kinds of insects. Bees, hornets, ants, and other insects are always on the hunt for food – where better to look than a trash bin containing kitchen scraps, crumbs, and more?  Take care to wash out your trash bin regularly to avoid a total infestation. An infestation in your trash bin will likely lead to one in your home if the issue isn’t resolved. Don’t leave it up to chance! 

United Bin Cleaning Can Help 


Neglecting this simple cleaning task can open your family up to a whole host of unpleasant guests in your trash bins. Whether you choose to clean them yourself or bring in the experts, this is one chore you can’t afford to skip. 


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