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Why Your Trash Bins Need More Than a Rinse

When your trash bins become a smelly, grungy mess inside, you can just give them a quick rinse—after all, they’re just trash bins, right? Unfortunately, some pretty harmful stuff builds up inside your trash bins, so you need to do a bit more than just rinse down their insides.


Why clean your trash bins?


You might be asking, “Does rinsing my trash bins out with a hose really help?” Just rinsing out your bins with water isn’t nearly enough to get them clean. Here’s why:


Harmful substances form and grow inside your trash bins. Listeria, salmonella, and E. Coli are just a few of the powerful bacteria that often develop inside your trash bins.


The growth of these bacteria, along with rotting food and other organic matter, often causes smells that attract pests. These can range from maggots (which turn into flies) to rodents like raccoons, possums, and in some places, even larger, more dangerous animals like bears.


Preventing these bacteria, smells, and pests from developing requires more than simply rinsing your trash bins with water.


What NOT to use to clean your trash bins


You may be tempted to simply use bleach or other strong cleaning products to clean your trash bins. This isn’t the best idea for two reasons:


Number 1:

Harsh chemicals can permanently damage your trash bins, and even more importantly, can cause skin irritation from contact or lung injury from inhaling fumes.


Number 2:

All these chemicals flow into drains, then into rivers, lakes, the ocean, and other natural resources. They can be harmful to water supplies as well as to the natural environment, harming both plant and animal life.


You may also be tempted to use products like dish soap to clean your trash bins. While these might be somewhat effective in removing grease and food from pots and pans, they are seldom strong enough to be effective against trash bin grime.


So what is the best way to clean your trash bins?


The best way to clean your trash bins is to have a professional clean them regularly for you. But you might ask, “Why pay to have your trash bins cleaned when you can just rinse them out with a hose?”


A garden hose is not powerful enough to clean and sanitize the inside (or outside). Instead, the better way is to clean your trash bins regularly using a process that combines high-pressure, high-temperature water. Here’s why this is better:


Cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects, killing 99.9% of germs

Eliminates smells as well as pests

Safe for the environment


Let a pro do the dirty work


Cleaning trash bins is a dirty business, and as we’ve seen above, there’s much more to cleaning your trash bins than a simple garden hose rinse. Frequent professional trash bin cleaning saves you time and hassle in the short term and keeps your bins cleaner and more sanitized than you could on your own in the long term. And in a way that’s more friendly to the environment.


United Bin Cleaning has the right expertise and equipment to get your bins clean. We’ll bring our truck to your location, secure your bins in our truck, clean your bins with our special high pressure and temperature water process, then safely return your cleaned, sanitized bins to you.


We do the dirty work of cleaning your trash bins for you, and we do it quickly, safely, effectively, and regularly. Contact United Bin Cleaning today.